Andreas Cullen
  • "The Good Life"


    "The Good Life" depicts a pair of orange fronted parakeets (Aratinga canicularis) feeding on their favourite food, wild figs.They are a medium sized parrot up to 24cm in length and 80 g in weight. They inhabit parts of Central America, Mexico and Costa Rica. They can be seen in the forest canopy, open woodland and savannah in flocks of up to 100 birds (outside the breeding season), foraging for fruit, nuts, seeds and berries.            

    The postage cost is €15.00. Edition strictly limited to 250 prints.

    The image size is : (40 cm high x 50 cm wide) Overall print size with white border is : (51 cm high x 60 cm wide)

    Original painting   : (36 cm high x 46 cm wide) Acrylic on canvas (Sold).