Andreas Cullen
  • "Sun Parakeets"


    The Sun Parakeet ( Aratinga solstitialis ), also known in aviculture as the Sun Conure, is a medium sized, vibrantly coloured parrot native to Northeastern South America. They can reach 30 cm in length and are noisy birds. Their screeching call notes always betray their presence in an area. The adult male and female are similar in appearance. These brilliantly coloured parrots frequent open forests, savannahs, and palm groves, where they are generally seen in flocks, foraging for seeds, fruits, berries, flower blossoms and insects. Sun parakeets are now listed as an endangered species due to habitat loss and trapping for plumage or the pet trade.

    This painting was shortlisted in the 2019 Royal Ulster Academy annual competition.

    This Edition is strictly limited to 200 prints. The postage cost is €15.00 Euros.

    The Image size is : (45.5 cm high x 30.5 cm wide)

    The overall print size with white border is (57 cm high x 40.5 cm wide)

    Original Painting : Acrylic on canvas (60 cm high x 40 cm wide) (Available) For sale at the Green Gallery                (Web : )