Andreas Cullen
  • "Somewhere over the Rainbow"


    "Somewhere over the Rainbow" shows a pair of rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus) perched on a jungle fig tree. Rainbow lorikeets are slim, long tailed, spectacularly coloured parrots. The adults are approximately 30 cm in length and 109-163 g in weight. They are widely distributed throughout Australia, Eastern Indonesia and New Guinea, where they can be seen during the day in pairs or small flocks flying high overhead or feeding among the branches of flowering trees and shrubs. The bird's staple food is pollen and nectar but they are also fond of fruit and berries. In Australian towns and cities, flocks are daily visitors to garden feeders stocked with fruit and substitute nectar mixes. 

    The postage cost is €15.00. Edition size is strictly limited to 250 prints.

    The image size is : (45 cm high x 35 cm wide) The overall print size with white border is : (57 cm high x 46 cm wide)

    Original painting   : (45 cm high x 35 cm wide) Acrylic on canvas (Available). Please contact me for details.