Andreas Cullen
  • "Schalow's Turaco"


    "Schalow's Turaco"- In this painting i have tried to show a pair of Schalow's Turacos perched in the branches of a fruiting loquat tree. These birds are primarily fruit eaters and can be found in parts of Angola, Botswana, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia. Within their range they inhabit gallery or evergreen forest, thickets and riparian woodland, from 600 m - 2500 m. They are approximately 41 - 44 cm in length, from beak to tail. The 80 - 112 mm white tipped crest, which adorns its head makes it instantly recognizable, being relatively the longest crest in the Turaco family.

    The postage cost is €15.00. Edition is strictly limited to 200 prints.

    The image size is : (47.8 cm high x 60 cm wide) The overall print size with white border is : (59 cm high x 70 cm wide)

    Original painting   : (61 cm high x 76 cm wide) Acrylic on canvas (Sold).