Andreas Cullen
  • "Little Rascals"


    "Little Rascals" depicts a pair of Red Squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) on a Scots pine branch. Red squirrels are found throughout most of Europe with the exceptions of Iceland and the islands of the Mediterranean. They mainly eat seeds from conifer cones, as well as nuts from Beech, Chestnut and especially Hazelnut trees. They prefer woodland habitat, consisting of Scots pine, Norway spruce and Serbian pine. I painted these two rascals in a Scots pine tree, where one is enjoying a ripe Norway spruce cone and the other is looking on with envy. 

    The postage cost is €15.00. Each edition is strictly limited to 250 prints. 

    The image size is : (40 cm high x 50 cm wide) The overall print size with white border is : (51 cm high x 60 cm wide)

    Original painting   : (51 cm high x 61 cm wide) Acrylic on canvas (Available). Can be purchased through

                                     the Green Gallery (