Andreas Cullen
  • " Don't Fence Me In "


    "Don't Fence Me In" depicts a Highland cow ( Bos taurus) beside a broken fence in the highlands of Scotland. These cattle originated in the highlands and western isles of Scotland.They are not a large breed, with bulls weighing about 800kg and cows reaching about 500kg. Highland cattle have long, distinctive horns, which can help them forage for food during snowy winters. They also have an unusual double coat of hair, the oily outer layer, which is always long and wavy covers a downy undercoat, which makes them well suited to conditions in the highlands. The hair colour can be ginger red, black, brindle, yellow or white. The postage cost is €15.00. Each edition is strictly limited to 250 prints.

    The image size is : ( 38 cm high x 50 cm wide ). The overall print size with white border is ( 50 cm high x 61 cm wide ).

    Original Painting   : ( 76 cm high x 102 cm wide ) Acrylic on canvas ( Available ). Can be purchased through

                                     the Green Gallery (