Andreas Cullen
  • " Blue Throated Toucanets "


    Blue Throated Toucanets ( Caeruleogularis aulacovhynchus ) - are near passerine birds living in the mountainous forests of Costa Rica, Panama and far north western Colombia. While considered a "species" based primarilly on morphology, some authorities continue to consider it a sub-species of the Emerald Toucanet.

    These birds live in humid montane upper tropical and sub-tropical forest, cloud forest, forest edges and also plantations such as coffee and cacao.

    Blue throated toucanets weigh approximately 175 g, and can reach a length of 30 cm, with the beak accounting for about 7.5 cm. Males and females are similar in appearance, although females are generally smaller.

    They feed largely by gathering fruits and insects from a perch.

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